Pingu - Plays Ice Hockey

Plays Ice Hockey, Builds An igloo, Noise!

The Tomorrow People - 4: Worlds Away: Secret of the Pyramid

Season 3, Episode 5; Original Air Date—26 March 1975

Otherworld - 03 - Paradise Lost

One region of the planet of Thel exhibits the odd phenomena of Laser Storms that guard a luxurious resort.

Diabolik 2

Animated series based on the classic Italian comic character

21 Jump St - Eternal Flame

The owner of a 80’s nightclub suspected of providing LSD to high school students is the husband of an old flame of Hanson.

The Brown Hornet 1

Brown Hornet was the show-within-a-show on the Fat Albert Show

Off The Air - Animals

The series lacks storylines and plots, and consist only of a collection of animations, internet videos, and archival footage, which are held loosely together by a theme.


A spaceship lands on a mysterious planet where members of its crew are slaughtered and their bodies possessed by a near-extinct alien race. Dir. Mario Bava proves of style over substance.

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